FontTastic font server font path ?

FontTastic font server font path ?

Post by Olafur Jakobsso » Sat, 31 Mar 2001 02:01:10

I have installed PhotoPaint from Corel on RedHat 7.0. The program does not
find the FontTastic font server on startup and bails out. The advice is to
install it on port 7102

The fontpath lines in XF86Config are...

        FontPath   "/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/TrueType"
        FontPath   "unix/:7100"

What is the exact entry for the FontTastic font server font path ?



1. FontTastic Font Server for WordPerfect Office 2000

I just upgraded to XFree86-4, which in part meant that many
configuration files were replaced. In particular /etc/X11/fs/config in
which there's the following lines

# don't listen on tcp by default
no-listen = tcp

However, WPO 2000's launcher script, /usr/lib/corel/bin/wpolauncher,
contains the lines

# Add FontTastic font server to the font path.
# Font server is assumed to run on the same host as the X display.
xset q | grep 'tcp/.*:7102' >/dev/null

and many similar that imply that FontTastic uses TCP. With this font
server configuration setting, FontTastic won't load, so neither will WPO
2000. Note: I've tried the Windows approach to dealing with this -
uninstall and reinstall, but that doesn't work. I would have RTFM if
there were a FM for FontTastic provided on the WPO 2000 CD, but there
ain't. Links to online documentation would be greatfully appreciated.

Anyway, I recall seeing somewhere (I don't remember where) that using
TCP in this context was a security risk. What is that risk? I suppose I
had this vulnerability under XFree86-3 (never checked those config
files), but I'd like to be less ignorant going forward.


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