DHCP Hostnames?

DHCP Hostnames?

Post by Bill Lam » Wed, 23 Jan 2002 13:39:50


I'm trying to get my RH 7.2 machine to print to my RH 7.2 Samba server.
I have a small network of Windows 98 and Linux machines with my HP DJ855
printer hooked up to the server.  All the Windows machines print fine to
it.  I just need to get the linux machine to print.  

I've been trying to specify the correct settings in printconf-gui for a
Unix to Unix print set up, but my test pages never get to the printer.  I
think the problem is with specifying the hostname.   I can't specify an
IP address, because the network is set up with DHCP (through my Linksys
Cable/DSL router) so I don't have hard IP addresses.  From what I can see
in /etc/hosts and from the DNS tab in neat (NEtwork Admin Tool), both of
my linux boxes think their hostnames are 'localhost.localdomain'.  When I
look at the router's DHCP clients table, both the Linux machines have
'Comp' as their name.

Can anyone tell me how I can give each box a hostname that the rest of
the network and the other Linux box will recognize?  Thanks for your


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