CD-ROM Installation

CD-ROM Installation

Post by Darrin C. Hans » Sat, 14 Jan 1995 04:23:20

I am attempting to install Linux Release 1.1 from the Slakware
Professional CD.  I have an AMD 386DX 40 PC with a Future Domain 850
SCSI host adapter and Toshiba 3401 CD-ROM drive.

During system boot I supply "ramdisk tmc8xx=0xca000,5" at the boot:
prompt.  I see a message scroll by whith information about my CD-ROM
drive.  When I try to mount the CD-ROM using the command
"mount -t iso9660 -r /dev/cdrom /dch" I get an error message of
something to the effect "wrong fs type, /dch busy...".

I am sure that the mount-point is valid and that iso9660 support is in
the kernel I am using.  The following command causes the drive indicator
light to flash:

        dd if=/dev/cdrom of=/dev/null bs=2048

From what I can gather, I do not have an IRQ or mem seg conflict between
my host adapter and any other hardware.  The SCSI ID is set properly.
A friend was able to get Linux running with the same host adapter/drive
combination.  What gives?


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    I was wondering if anyone has installed SCO OS5 using an EIDE

  CD-ROM ? ? ?  If so, how ? ? ?  I doesn't seem to give me the

  option to specify that I'm not using a SCSI CD-ROM for the

  installation.  Everytime I try to install SCO it says it can

  not find the SCSI CD-ROM and the install exits, rebooting the

  system.  If anyone can let me know how I can install SCO, I

  would appreciate it very much....  Just in case it matters, I

  am using a Samsung Model SCR-630 4X CD-ROM ....


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