Defragmentor for ext2 wanted

Defragmentor for ext2 wanted

Post by Glen Harr » Tue, 01 Mar 1994 13:40:53

  OK, I've found a defragmentor for the ext file system, but mine are
all ext2.  Has anyone hacked it for the ext2 system?  If not, could
anyone give me pointers on what I would need to change to port it?
Lectures just started, so I've not as much time as I'd like for my
'hobbies' (8-}), so all help appreciated.

  For those interested the defrag source is at sunsite as

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1. ms defragmentor is corrupting ext2 filesystem in following partition.

   I had "curved out" 2.5Gb appx. space from my windows
c-drive for installing linux using fips.Thereafter whenever
I have defragmented the C-drive the filesystem in the
immediately following ext2 partition got severely corrupted
and I had to reinstall linux.Ms fdisk is showing partition
info currectly.I want to know if anybody else has faced the
same problem and possible remedies.

thanks a lot

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