"Mount Problem" Media not mounted correctly

"Mount Problem" Media not mounted correctly

Post by mike wils » Sat, 04 Feb 1995 13:51:11

  I'm trying to get the slackware version of linux going on a disk that
has one partition on it: linux native.  I get through the boot disk (bare)
and then the root install disk (colrlite) ok.  After going through the
setup in the appropriate steps, I will finally get to the point where I'm
ready to install the A series disks.  After it asks for disk A1 I get
the following:

Media Not Successfully Mounted.  Do you want to Retry or Quit?

If anyone could help me out with this, I would really appreciate it.  I'm
eager to get this going, but I can't get through this obstacle.




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I have just installed Mandrake 9.1/KDE 3.1 on my machine. I noticed
that I now have a set of icons coresponding to automounted
directories. For example, I have both a "Mounted CD-ROM" and a
"Mounted Samba (Windows)"-type icon. While I think this is a nice
trick, I would like to remove these icons from my desktop (I prefer
the command line for such things). However, I could not find any way
to achieve this; right-clicking on the icons does not offer a "delete"
choice. I would greatly appreciate if somebody would enlighten me as
to what KDE option or configuration file do I have to modify.

Thank you in advance for all your help.


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