Linux Hardware/Drivers questions

Linux Hardware/Drivers questions

Post by Eric Chris Garris » Wed, 13 Jul 1994 04:17:25

Program: gcc (we want to use C and possibly Fortran to call libraries)

Kernel: Linux 1.1.8 Slackware (from on 6/30/94
  vi NFS)

Hardware: EmPAC 386DX/25 8Mb memory, 120Mb IDE HD Linux partition.
 In particular, we have a card with an 8255 digital IO chip on it.

Description:  The IU Astronomy department is deciding if Linux could
 be the answer to it's problems for controlling some hardware at our
 robotic telescope facility (and future facilties being planned now).
 Currently, we have a PC with an 8255 digital IO chip we use to read
 from a CCD camera (and write some instruction bits).  In the
 future, we'll also like to be able to have drivers for the parallel
 port, and controlling some ADC/DAC converter (we haven't bought one
 yet, but if there's a driver for one out there, we'll go with that
 device.  Also, we would consider going to another digital IO board if
 there were a Linux-supported one with drivers already written.

Thank you for any help you might be able to offer!




1. dvd on linux questions - hardware for it, tv out and other questions

Subject: questions related to watching DVDs under Linux (tv out, and lots of
Date: Thursday, August 30, 2001 5:15 PM

 I want buy a DVD ROM driver with either a good hardware decoder card or an
ATI Radeon for doing the DD decoding. I have a machine with an Intel 440BX
motherboard, 64 megs of RAM, a 350Mhz. PII, and an SiS6326 4megs VRAM with a
TV out. Now, I know that my current graphics card just does not cut it and I
will replace it with either the radeon or the hardware decodr card (somthing
like the Hollywood Plus from Sigma designs). I will be using an RH 7.1
platform, X 4.1.0, kernel 2.4.7, dual boot with win98SE, and mplayer to see
my DVD movies, and I want to take the TV out on my. I have the following
questions :

1. Is my machine good enough for watching DVD movies and give a good
experience on Linux (or Windows, for that matter)
2. How is the radeon DVD decoding performace compared to the hardware
decoder, and which is more price effective (keep in mind that the machine is
mostly going to be used for watching movies, not for playing quake 3).
3. How is the TV out performace of these cards compared to a dedicated DVD
player? Is is more acceptable, or is the picture fuzzy.

Thanks for your help.

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