HELP: Serial ports problem

HELP: Serial ports problem

Post by Tony Mau » Tue, 21 Mar 1995 21:23:51

Hi, I've been trying for 2 days to get my serial ports running under Linux..
It seems to me that it just won't recognize that they are there.  What I've
got is a Jetbook Symphony(the Winbook XP Canadian counterpart, so I've been told) 486DX2-66 laptop with a built in trackball, internal modem, and an external serial port.  The external serial port is COM1, trackball is COM2 and the internal modem is COM3.  I've tried everything I can think of and nothing will get my mouse and modem working.  I've got X running but once I get in the mouse won't move, I've tried it under Mouseless Commander and still nothing.  I went into the rc.serial file and did some editing in there to get setserial to configure the ports, I monkeyed around with the inittab file and to this point I've had no success.  I'm stuck now, any help would greatly be appreciated.

Thanks in advance



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I am having a problem that I believe is with the serial port
and PPP.  Occasionally, without any regularity or pattern,
PPP will not be able to dial out, saying DEVICE LOCKED.
The only thing that uses the port is PPP.  When everything
is fine, only the CTS light is lit up on the modem. When
something is wrong, the CTS and DTR lights are lit up.

Has anyone seen this problem before?



Scott A. Woods
Plexar Associates, Inc.  (216)248-7650


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