Q:Mosaic+term2.1, slackware1.2, term118

Q:Mosaic+term2.1, slackware1.2, term118

Post by Jeff Toz » Fri, 08 Jul 1994 01:48:13

Recently upgraded from Fall Yggdrasil to slackware 1.2.0.  Mosaic2.1+term
was working flawlessly using term118 on both ends.  Now, under slackware, I
can access ftp and gopher servers fine, but http connections hang.  I'm
using the default termrc file.  Anyone have any suggestions on what may be
going wrong?



1. Term2.0 and Mosaic - Help?!

Is there a way to use Mosaic over a 'term' link, without having to
recompile it? (i.e. by using 'tredir's)  I do not have access to Motif
so I can't recompile the sources.  I'm using FreeBSD - I know, this is
the Linux board - but no one in FreeBSD land seems to know much about
how term works.

Any help wuold be appreciated!

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