Compiling v1.2 problems w/SCSI...

Compiling v1.2 problems w/SCSI...

Post by Rob All » Mon, 13 Mar 1995 08:13:34

I am trying to compile the new v1.2 kernel w/SCSI support, and I am have some major
problems. I have a NCR 53c810 SCSI controller, and I am trying to use the NCR 53c7/8xx
option when trying to compile the new kernel. When I try to make the zImage file I get
the error when it tries to "leave' the /usr/src/linux/drivers/scsi directory. I have
also tried to use the "generic" NCR driver option in the configuration. The kernel then
appears to compile, but when I try to boot with the new kernel I get a "Kernel Panic..."
msg right after an "Unable to mount fs ...", then the system locks.

I am using a pentium-90 w/pci. I have two hard drives: 1 IDE 1 SCSI. The Linux partition
is on the SCSI. I have considerd swaping everything around and putting the Linux on the
IDE, but I didn't want to go through all that trouble just yet.

Anybody got any ideas? ;)


BTW. The IDE partitions appear to mount right before it tries to mount the SCSI, (when I
use the kernel compiled with the generic NCR driver), but then it locks. And,
(obviously) the system runs ok when I try to use the old kernel that came with my
distribution (v1.1.54).


1. SATAN v1.1.1 [released] and v1.1.4 [experimental] both do not compile on Redhat 6.0. -- Doesn't
compile. -- Doesn't compile.

I heard that you need patches to get SATAN to compile on Redhat 6.0
Linux... Anyone know where to get the patches?

satan-1.1.1]# make linux
The LINUX rules are untested and may be wrong
make[1]: Entering directory `/tmp/satan-1.1.1'
cd src/misc; make "LIBS=" "XFLAGS=-I/tmp/satan-1.1.1/include
-DAUTH_GID_T=int" "RPCGEN=rpcgen"
make[2]: Entering directory `/tmp/satan-1.1.1/src/misc'
cc -O -I. -I/tmp/satan-1.1.1/include -DAUTH_GID_T=int   -c md5.c -o md5.o
cc -O -I. -I/tmp/satan-1.1.1/include -DAUTH_GID_T=int   -c md5c.c -o md5c.o
cc -O -I. -I/tmp/satan-1.1.1/include -DAUTH_GID_T=int -o ../../bin/md5
md5.o md5c.o
cc -O -I. -I/tmp/satan-1.1.1/include -DAUTH_GID_T=int -o
./../bin/sys_socket sys_socket.c
cc -O -I. -I/tmp/satan-1.1.1/include -DAUTH_GID_T=int -o ../../bin/timeout
cc -O -I. -I/tmp/satan-1.1.1/include -DAUTH_GID_T=int -o ../../bin/rcmd
cc -O -I. -I/tmp/satan-1.1.1/include -DAUTH_GID_T=int -o
./../bin/safe_finger safe_finger.c
rpcgen rex.x 2>/dev/null
cc -O -I. -I/tmp/satan-1.1.1/include -DAUTH_GID_T=int   -c rex.c -o rex.o
rex.c: In function `rex_command':
rex.c:178: warning: passing arg 3 from incompatible pointer type
rex.c:178: warning: passing arg 5 from incompatible pointer type
rex.c: In function `rex_exit':
rex.c:222: warning: passing arg 3 from incompatible pointer type
rex.c:222: warning: passing arg 5 from incompatible pointer type
cc -O -I. -I/tmp/satan-1.1.1/include -DAUTH_GID_T=int   -c rex_xdr.c -o
rex_xdr.c: In function `xdr_rex_start':
rex_xdr.c:42: warning: assignment from incompatible pointer type
rex_xdr.c:72: warning: assignment from incompatible pointer type
cc -O -I. -I/tmp/satan-1.1.1/include -DAUTH_GID_T=int -o ../../bin/rex
rex.o rex_xdr.o
make[2]: Leaving directory `/tmp/satan-1.1.1/src/misc'
cd src/boot; make "LIBS=" "XFLAGS=-I/tmp/satan-1.1.1/include
-DAUTH_GID_T=int" "RPCGEN=rpcgen"
make[2]: Entering directory `/tmp/satan-1.1.1/src/boot'
rpcgen bootparam_prot.x 2>/dev/null
cc -I. -O -I/tmp/satan-1.1.1/include -DAUTH_GID_T=int   -c boot.c -o boot.o
boot.c:24: macro `strchr' used without args
make[2]: *** [boot.o] Error 1
make[2]: Leaving directory `/tmp/satan-1.1.1/src/boot'
make[1]: *** [all] Error 2
make[1]: Leaving directory `/tmp/satan-1.1.1'
make: *** [linux] Error 2

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