Can I install Slackware from my dos partition?

Can I install Slackware from my dos partition?

Post by Daniel Wein » Wed, 01 Dec 1993 00:40:51


Can I install Slackware from my dos partition?

Post by Steven Whitlat » Wed, 01 Dec 1993 14:49:28

        Oh yes, it's the only way.  It's very fast, very easy.  You'll
        like it, and you'll be impressed.  Best to install the whole
        thing.  If you say no to the option for a prompt before installing
        each package, you'll have a Linux system in a flash.  That's the
        way I did it.

        Steve Whitlatch

OK, let's have a look here.  Oh my, looks like you've got Mars Mush.  
Take two T squares and Pluto trine.  Then get a lot of Uranus and
do whatever you want.


Can I install Slackware from my dos partition?

Post by Douglas Gleichm » Fri, 03 Dec 1993 08:57:50

> Does anybody know if this is possible?  Forgive me if this question
> has been answered before.  

Actually it is very easy to install Slackware from you DOS hard drive, but
it is not really clear from the Slackware install documentation.

Just follow the prompts in the INSTALL program.  You don't have to copy
everything to floppies. Just make a BOOT DISK, a RESCUE disk and a BLOADER
(if you boot floppy drive is a 5 1/4").  Also have a DOS formatted floppy
handy for making your Boot Disk.


1. Installing Slackware 2.0 from DOS partition

I am trying to install Linux from the "Toolkit for Linux" CD-ROM. Since
I have been unable to mount my cd-rom with yet I have tried to install
disk set A from my DOS partition.

So I have
               C:\SLACKWAR\A\ <-- a whole lot of directories here.

When I boot Linux and run "setup" (swap partition etc. is prepared)
and I try to INSTALL the files:

   the source partition is: /dev/hda1

   the source directory is: /slackwar

The following error occurs:


     Can't find a disk series a in the source directory

 Skipping it.

Please help! Email me at the address below.

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