Best Low Cost System to Run Linux

Best Low Cost System to Run Linux

Post by Bob F. Breedlo » Tue, 02 Aug 1994 09:19:11

I want to purchase a box specifically to run linux.  My goal is to
keep it right around $2,000 max.  What is the best equipment for
cost/performance with Linux.  Right now, my plan is to run only a
minimal DOS partition and devote the remainder of the box to Linux.

I plan on using the system primarily for communications and other
text-based applications, but I might dabble a bit in X. I'm looking
for the easiest, most compatible system.

Here is a configuration I was thinking about:

486DX66 (But I'm open to suggestions, the cheaper the better!)
16 meg memory minimum
VGA monitor
1 GIG SCSI (IDE, whatever is best, configures easiest)
Modem (1 or 2 28.8 V.F)
CD/ROM (SCSI, I assume)
Ethernet Card for TCP/IP
3.5 floppy

I'd like your suggestions for brand names, models, etc.  I want to
spend as little time mucking about with the system configuration as
I can to get a working system.

Please E-mail me and I will summarize the findings:

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