XFree86 on CTX Multisync 15" and Trident 8900c

XFree86 on CTX Multisync 15" and Trident 8900c

Post by Prasad Dharmase » Sat, 27 Aug 1994 01:40:10

Anybody has a Xconfig file for CTX Multisync 15" monitor
and video board with 8900c chipset?  

(Slackware 2.0,  386/4M Ram/12M swap/)

[ I can get X screen and the mouse can move the X cursor on the
  root window.  But mouse buttons do not give any menus.  I don't
  get any other windows either.  ie: no way to get out and I have
  to turn the computer off without halting the system :-(

  Is this a problem getting X started or is it because I have
  to modify twmtc.system and/or .xplaces files?  I have not done
  that yet. ]

Please e-mail replies and I will summarize to the newsgroup.

Thanks a 10^6.



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