Need recommendation on 8-port serial card

Need recommendation on 8-port serial card

Post by Randall Re » Fri, 06 May 1994 22:20:31


I want to buy an 8-port serial card with 16550AFN or
compatible UARTS.  Can anyone recommend a make/model
that works with Linux?

I noticeed a price list with a Bocaboard 8-port 8/16 bit
(model BB1008) that seems to be supported by Linux.  Does
anyone know if this is true.  The price seemed low ($125)
so I wonder if it includes the UART chips.



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1. 8-port AST Serial Cards?


        could someone please indicate to me if an 8-port serial sharing a
single IRQ (and of course 8 different I/O addresses), would linux be able to
handle it? This card is not intelligent. Simular to that of a 4-port AST
card except know has 8-ports!
        I have looked at the kernel, it doesn't make mention of being able to handle
8-port AST, just 4-port, but I'm being to suspect that it could!

What I need know is, will linux's kernel (serial stack) handle this 8-port
beasty AST card????

Thanks in advance,

        Peter Dean.

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