Kernel panic with U5 CPU ??

Kernel panic with U5 CPU ??

Post by Nicolas BOUGU » Sun, 06 Nov 1994 09:20:14


: Does anybody know if there is incompapility with
: UMC Green CPU (486SX-33MHZ) known by BIOS as U5,
: and Linux. I have come to this conclution because of following
: errors on installation. And these messages come with BOOT disks.
: Depending on bios setups the messages are:

: 1)
: ..
: ..
: Calibrating delay loop..math_emulate:0010:0010ebe4
: Kernel panic: Math emulation needed in kernel
: In swapper task - not syncing

Hmmm... Looks like you are using a kernel without math emulation, which is
required when a 486 SX processor is used.


Sysop of magix : ++ 33 (1) 45 21 02 52 (shell & uucp)


1. Kernel panic with U5 CPU ??

Thank's for everybody for your help !
I have found a solution to these problems:
I have changed CPU from UMC to INTELL.
After i changed CPU (still 486SX) everything went
just fine.
By the way..Slackware works just fine in 386 and 486SX
You don't need to worry about math emulation.

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