NexStor VL-Bus SCSI Controller

NexStor VL-Bus SCSI Controller

Post by Ulrich Vo » Fri, 24 Sep 1993 23:10:20

Hi ,

just another question cause the hardware compatability list
doesn't seem to be too good.

Can I use the NexStor Vesa Local Bus SCSI Controller under
Linux ???

Of course I'll mail any answers th the hardware compatability list ...

Thanx a lot

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I bought an IDE cache controller (waste of money in my view) and now have to upgrade my harddisk space. I don't want to stick to IDE for ever.

I'm thinking about a controller from Bustek which seems to be Adaptec compatible, but noone can tell you, if it works under Linux. Choice of OS's was the main reason for not buying an MacIntosh.

Hoping for answers from everyone who got it working :-) or not :-((


would fill in sth. nice here if I had time ...

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