HPIIP line spacing problems under Linux

HPIIP line spacing problems under Linux

Post by Michael Edward No » Thu, 19 Aug 1993 16:11:49

I'm having a problem printing under Linux 0.99.10 with my HP LaserJet IIP.
Whenever I print with Ghostscript, the vertical line spacing is not right--
it's a uniform couple of pixels between lines of text, regardless of the
font sizes, intervening blank lines, etc.  For example, printing a
Postscript version of (/n = newline):

Hello world!/n/n/nBottom line

results in:
Hello world!
Bottom line

with no blank lines anywhere to be seen.  Additionally, when I can text files
to /dev/lp1, the carriage returns get eaten, with the text marching across the
page until it hits the right border.  I've tried (as the printing FAQ
suggests) a  cat filename |sed -e "s/$/^M/" >/dev/lp1, but the text continues
to march across the page, with the occasional ^M thrown in for good measure.
I've tried all of the differing "Line Termination" escape code sequences to
alter how the printer interprets CR/LF/FF characters, but none made any
difference, under Ghostscript or with a cat (with or without |sed pipe).

I'm using the binaries of Ghostscript from SLS 1.02, and the net-2 code
(which actually works on my machine, as far as I can tell).  The above
problems persist regardless of whether or not I try to use lpr for spooling
(which spools as it's supposed to, but the output is still wrong).  Both
Ghostscript and cat >/dev/lp1 work properly on my Epson FX-80 (using
-sDEVICE=epson for the Epson and -sDEVICE=ljet2p for the IIP for Ghostscript),
so I know that I can print under Linux, but the Epson FX-80's not mine, and
I won't be able to use it in a week.

The relevant section of my /etc/printcap is:

# Entry for HP LaserJet IIP in Postscript mode (300 DPI)
# DEFAULT ENTRY when HP LaserJet IIP is in use!
lp|laser|hp2p|hpiip|hpiip-d|lj2p|lj2p-d|HP LaserJet IIP:\

If anyone else with a HP IIP (or IID, or any other HP LaserJet, for that
matter) has seen a similar problem, or knows how to fix it, please contact me.
Please email me your suggestions, and I'll post a summary if there's enough
interest.  I'm also cross-posting to gnu.ghostscript.bug in case there's a
Ghostscript-specific solution for some of my problems.

Please email any and all suggestions, ideas, and solutions to the address
listed below.  Thanks for your help!

Michael Noth


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