How to create a boot floppy?

How to create a boot floppy?

Post by Alex Feel » Fri, 11 Mar 1994 05:18:40

        Greetings.. I just want to clarify something before I install
Linux on a system that will be here in a few days. Can one download
from a Unix machine to a Dos machine easily, and how would one go
about it? I'm used to existing solely on net-linked sites.. I'm a god
with FTP, but not downloading via modem. (FYI I'm connecting from a
Concept HDS terminal... a screen, keyboard, and modem.. very basic but
enough for me.)

Alex Feely

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1. Can't create lilo boot floppy for 3rd SCSI disk but can boot it

I have Linux 1.2.8 installed on a IDE /hda2 as root with 2 SCSI disk
drives with MS-DOS and some additional linux partitions on a AHA1542.
I have now got a new SCSI HD and copied all the Linux onto the last SCSI
hard disk (ID:3), hoping to delete the IDE stuff. When I came to
install LILO on a boot floppy, it came up BIOS drive 0x83 may not be
accessible 3 times.

When I boot, I just get garbage but I did manage to re-mount the
/hda2 to / with a SCSI kernel recovery disk and created a SCSI boot
floppy and that works OK. Trouble is that I cannot install LILO
and I will need to change things in the future once I have deleted
my IDE partition. The LILO DOCs do not give specific guidance

Any ideas?


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