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I'm a music student interested in getting MusicTex on my box as soon
as possible.  Could someone point toward what libraries and files
I need to get this going?  (BTW, I don't have tex at this point,
and have never used it.)  Also, how much RAM would one be expected to use?


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1. MTeX and/or MusicTeX

Hi there,

   I would like like to draw some musical notes with TeX/LaTeX (preferable with
the latter) and came across the MTeX and MusicTeX packages which are both
available under Linux using the NTeX (version 2.1) distribution.

(a) I compiled the example for MTeX but when I came across my own song, I found
out that for all notes below 1/4 (1/8, 1/16, 1/32, etc.) the wiggle (?) does not
show up for lines (?) pointing downwards. I looked into but could not
fix the problem. Is there is patch or workaround for this?

(b) When I tried to compile the MusicTeX examples with LaTeX (NTeX 2.1) I get a
Segmentation fault in LaTeX and the process stops.

Thanks in advance,
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