LILO Problems with 420Meg IDE in ancient (1986) computer

LILO Problems with 420Meg IDE in ancient (1986) computer

Post by Lance A. Bro » Wed, 30 Nov 1994 05:43:25


System Info:

   386/20mhz/8Meg RAM (circa 1986)
   IDE Controller
   WD Caviar 420 Meg IDE Drive


   The BIOS in this computer does not know about this IDE drive, and
   has no means of setting user defined CMOS drive values.  OnTrack
   Disk Manager configures the CMOS as type 38 w/ 1024/16/17 Standard
   geometry and 3048/16/17 NonStandard geometry.

   Booting DOS works fine.

   Installed Slackware 2.0 from diskettes with:

   hda1  32  Meg DOS
   hda2  24  Meg Linux Swap
   hda3  100 Meg Linux Native  

   LILO give me a geo_comp_addr error that cylinder 1026>1023.
   Investigation tells me that this means LILO wants a file that does
   not reside within the first 1024 cylinders of the disk.  I assume
   this is lilo.conf.


   Is there a way to make LILO get along with this configuration or
   should I just re-arrange the partitioning and reinstall linux?



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