Help with Linux mkfs ?

Help with Linux mkfs ?

Post by Herb Rosenbe » Tue, 26 Apr 1994 10:36:25

I am trying to install Linux 0.99.13 Yggdrassil release on a 486/33 with
a Adaptec 1542c SCSI controller and Maxtor 1GB SCSI drive.  The drive
already has a 150 Dos partition.  I am able to boot up of the Linux
floppy and get to the install script.  I am also able to create a root
and swap partition, (after much trial and error, in the blind) but then
when I type:

mkfs -c /dev/sda2

the screen display several lines like:

Block log size =
frqagement log size =
10 -12 other lines

and then it just sits there...... Iwas thinking maybe this is like a
formatting, and I see the SCSI drive light pulsing about once per second,
but nothing else seems to happen.  I have been waiting over an hour,
should it take that long?

I would appreciate hearing from anyone that might know what the problem
is and how to fix it.




1. Help!! NT + linux partition mkfs problem!!!

I'm afraid I wrecked my linux + NT dual boot system!

Here is my setup:

/dev/sda1     2 gigs  NT 4.0 (FAT)
/dev/sda2     1 gig  NTFS
/dev/sda3     linux (ext2)

Here's what I did:
I tried out the program to read the NTFS from linux,
and I typed:
mkntfs /dev/sda1
(which at the very least should have been /dev/sda2, the NTFS part.
I wish to read), and now I can't boot.
Simply stated: is my NT FAT partition completely trashed now?
Any way to recover?

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