Notebook\dock\SCSI config problem HELP!

Notebook\dock\SCSI config problem HELP!

Post by Aaron Turn » Thu, 08 Sep 1994 02:42:07

Hello all!
Well yesterday I took the plunge and installed Linux & Xfree on my
notebook.  (a Sager 9200).  Well the install\setup\config took all day
and I finally with little problems got it to work.  Now it recognizes my
SB SCSI-2 card (aha1510).  Linux finds and mounts my Plextor 4Plex and
SyQuest 3720S with little problems.  EXCEPT!
  When I leave the dock (I do this a lot) it can't find the SCSI card as
defined in lilo.conf- rightly so 'cuz it ain't there.  But, since it
can't find it- Linux won't boot-- Major bummer.  So before I leave the
dock, I have to re-configure LILO to not look for the SCSI card.
  So my question- is there a way around this? Is there an equivalent to
DOS's multi-config boot or something?  Or am I relegated to a boot
floppy?  Any suggestions welcome!  But, please explain your answer step
by step 'cuz I am a new-NEWBIE.  (BTW, incase you arn't aware the 1510
doesn't have a BIOS)

Another question: -not as important though-
My notebook has a trackball connected to the PS/2 port.  When I'm at the
dock, I have a keyboard connected to the PS/2 port and a MS mouse on
COM1.  Is there a way to get the trackball to work when I'm on the road
and the mouse to work when I'm at the dock?  What about configuring XFree?


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