X+32meg+xv = "caught signal 11, server shutting down!"

X+32meg+xv = "caught signal 11, server shutting down!"

Post by pee » Mon, 23 Jan 1995 23:48:16

        Hello everybody

        I've been using X since before linux 99pl-something, and it's always
worked great.  Several months ago I upgraded to the latest X, and again
everything worked great.  Then I upgraded from 16 to 32 megs of ram, and now
X dies!

        Specifically, this happens when I use xv.  The problem is, IT'S GETTING
WORSE!  I can start up xv, pull up the visual shnauzer, press "update", and
it may get as far as a few icons when X dies with a "caught signal 11" error.

        What is this?  How can I fix it?



1. X+32meg+xv = "caught signal 11, server shutting down!"

First of all you also need to fix your news posting software to
put your real mail address in.

Anyway the most likely causes:

- bad or marginal ram (try the second 16 megs by itself)
- bad cache or improperly configured  (not having *enough* will make things
        slow way down)
- improperly configured bios. If you have an option to remap the 384k
        of memory between 640k and 1 meg, turn it off. On my system it apparently
        maps it to just above 16 megs, so with 32 megs I'd get bad news!


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