Swim 1.2.3 question

Swim 1.2.3 question

Post by Davor Frank (Omrcen-Ce » Tue, 12 Jul 1994 20:18:20

I have a question on Swim 1.2.3 motif for Linux. Would a program written
on Linux using Swim be portable to HP?

Has anyone had any experience with porting motif programs between the two?
Any information on this would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Davor Frank


1. SWiM Motif 2.0 Install question

I've installed "Official" Red Hat Linux 3.0.3, which puts
X in /usr/X11R6.

Now I would like to install SWiM Motif 2.0, but the installation
notes tell me to install in under /usr/x386 (which I don't have)

The "Install" script on the CD (under /SWiM/Linux/distribution/RevD)
also looks for a directory called /usr/x386

My questions:
        1) should I create a directory called /usr/x386 and link
it to /usr/X11R6 ?
                -- if so, should the link be symbolic or not?
                -- do I need to create subdirectories under
                   /usr/x386 and link them to the subdirectories
                   under /usr/X11R6 or is the top level link
                   alone good enough?
        2) can I just edit the "Install" script by changing every
reference from /usr/x386 to /usr/X11R6 (which intuitively seems to
be the wiser thing to do)

Also, using ln -s [source] [target], is my new /usr/x386 directory the
"source" or the "target"?

Many thanks for any answer(s) to the above.

Matthew W. Woodruff            

Fax: (212) 888-3033
Tel: (212) 888-0255

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