lpr won't print

lpr won't print

Post by Martin Oakl » Sun, 15 Jan 1995 15:04:51

Linux picks up my printer as lp2 (although dos finds LPT1). This in
itself shouldn't cause a problem. I can redirect to /dev/lp2 and stuff
comes out my printer.

lpr however puts stuff in the queue and leaves it there. I've looked at
the Printing-Howto and it seems more concerned with formatted output.

I did have lpr working until I upgraded to Slackware 2.1 and I know I
messed around with it - but I can't remember what I did :-(

I have set PRINTER=/dev/lp2   - and I would have thought that it was then
the default printer - didn't help though.

Any ideas?


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Long long ago (in Linux terms) I successfully installed Linux and had (at
least minimal) printing capability. Now I have come back to play with Linux
again, and I can't print.

Perhaps my networking details are not sufficiently specified for lpd or lpr
to behave? What is "official name for local machine" and how do I set it?

Slackware 3.3, using Linux2.0.30 kernel....

Thanks for any help....
"You Never Know until you Find Out"
    -the knave_-

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