ncr53c810 lockup with p60 PCI intel board

ncr53c810 lockup with p60 PCI intel board

Post by James W. Smi » Wed, 17 Aug 1994 22:28:33

I'm getting a lockup at almost square 1 using the alpha ncr53c810 scsi bootdisk. After LILO,
 I get the ramdisk  and  "NOW BOOTING LINUX KERNEL......" . After that nothing.  I get farther
 with an  old Yggdrasil I have access to. It doesn't support ncr scsi and I have only ncr scsi
 so I can't do much there.

I've tried dowloading different versions of the ncr bootdisk (ncr_slack3, ncr.gz) and always
 get exactly the same lockup. Removing sound cards etc doesn't change anything. I noticed
 that this same kind of lockup has been reported on comp.os.linux.development with new kernels
 (1.1.38+)  specifically on the p60 PCI intel motherboards! Is there someting novel about this
 motherboard that I need to do something about? What???

Is anyone else haveing this problem or, even better, does anyone have a fix?

Configuration: (it all works on windows 3.11)
P60 PCI intel motherboard with 16meg
nexstor 92/93 fast scsi-2  (irq 14 on msdos) with 1 gig seagate and plexor CDROM
matrox mga 2 video
keyboard, ms mouse.

Jim Smith