Kernel Panic (Swapper Task not syncing)

Kernel Panic (Swapper Task not syncing)

Post by Marco De Angeli » Fri, 21 Jan 2000 04:00:00

Today our linux box crash with this message:

   Kernel Panic: skput: over<####> dev eth3
   in swapper task not syncing

Before that, the server work fine and never crash. Some change was made in
this days:

1) In the sever, 8 hour before, I put a 200 MB file.
2) Since 2 days, the server was running a script to log all traffic with the
command tcpdump.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance


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Hi All -

I have installed SuSE 7.1 (pro) on a Tyan TomCat s1563 MBd (P-II
200Mhz ISA/PCI, w/128MB Ram).  

The problem is that the Kernel thinks there should be two (or more)
processors and there is only one. I get a kernel panic error and the
system locks. This happens on both the RedHat 7 and the SuSE 7.1 pro

 The install process did not give me any errors.  This MBd is (was)
able to support an optional second processor - which is not installed
(and there are some other  controller devices not installed as well).
The main board jumpers are set to reflect the one processor
configuration.  BIOS is configured normally.  

FWIW - I am attempting to replace RedHat v5.2 with this install which
did not have any problems with the hardware.  Also, you can get the
RH7 version to boot using "boot-up" but it's not stable (insert long
story about RH tech support here :-(.

This is all I know -

There is a routine - setup_APIC_timer - called during boot.
The output of that routine looks like this:

..... 1982902 CPU clocks in one timer chip tick /*true*/
..... 0 APIC clocks in one timer chip tick   /* no clue about this */
..... CPU clock speed is 198.2902 MHz          /* also true */
..... system bus clock speed is 0.0000 MHz /* this seems odd*/

Next, then the boot process kick-outs the following lines

CPU map: 8003
CPU #1 not responding.  Removing from cpu_online_map
CPU #15 not responding.  Removing from cpu_online_map
Before bogomips
Error: Only one processor found
Boot done.
enabling symmetric IO mode... ...done.
...changing IO-APIC physical APIC ID to 2
Kernel Panic: could not set ID
In swapper task - not syncing

And that's all there is.  From here you have two options, power off or
the reset button.  Neither of which helps (although the power off is a
little less frustrating :-).  I have installed both Kernels (2.1 &
2.4) - both provide the same result described above.  I have also
tried a reinstall passing a maxcpus=1 parameter to lilo I think.  I
configured it during setup and don't see it on the command line during

What's next??

Thanks for your help.

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