Sound: Replace beep with other sound thru pc speaker/sound card?

Sound: Replace beep with other sound thru pc speaker/sound card?

Post by Sepulturus of Bo » Fri, 24 Jun 1994 20:16:57

        Anyone know of a prog for linux (src or compiled) that will replace
the standard old *beep* with a pc speaker or sound card (preferrably sound
blaster) .au/.voc/.wav/etc etc file?
        Or is there someway I can 'alias' the beep to cat my sound to
/dev/audio??? (Or a program comes with linux??)
        Any help most appreciated......


- B.Comp.Sci. - University of New England, NSW, Armidale, Australia -


1. Sound with speaker, not Sound Card Driver


Looked around for something that will let me play sound files thru my
speaker, rather than using a sound card. I know the sound is inferior,
that is not relevant to my needs. If you have setup using the pc
speaker to play audio, rather than the sound card, I would appreciate
any assistance. I am using Caldera 1.3 if that has any relevance.


John Chapman

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