Can't install with Adaptec 2842 SCSI card

Can't install with Adaptec 2842 SCSI card

Post by Ben Klausn » Tue, 28 Mar 1995 11:10:11

I've got a 486DX-66 VLB clone with an S3 card and an Adaptec 2842 SCSI
card.  No other controllers. The last drive is absolutely terminated,
and the cables have worked fine for DOS and OS/2 for years. The devices
on the SCSI bus are a 660 MB drive at ID 0, a tape drive at ID 3, and a
CD-ROM at ID 5.

When I try to install the Slackware distribution using the 2.1.0
bootkernel, I get to the SCSI detection phase, and then everything
hangs. The last few messages are something like:

  Detected SCSI disk sda at scsi0, id 0, lun 0
  scsi0: Target 0 lun 1 request sense failed, performing reset
  aha274x: Attempting to reset scsi bus and card

I've tried this with the scsi, alpha, and loaded bootdisks, and the
results are all the same.



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1. Adaptec 2842 SCSI VLB Card

Has anyone had any experience installing linux with this card? A friend is
attempting to install linux off of the latest cd-rom and has basically been
told to either a) buy an 8-bit card, or b) wait for the drivers. Any help
will be appreciated.


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