Back Into The Linux World!

Back Into The Linux World!

Post by John Schmi » Sun, 19 Mar 1995 16:30:41

anyone out there who could help me with this problem ---

i was an avid Linux user for about nine momths or so ....
stopped with it around kernel 1.1.51

am now working with a new pentium 75 pci machine though ...
need to get myself back into  the  swing of things

is infomagic selling a slackware with kernel 1.2.o yet???
if not .... is there kernel patches out there around 1.51 or so that will
handle my pentium 75 and pci video card .....

i have not been reading news in a while and feel terribly out of pace!

any help woould be appreciated!



Philadelphia Pa., 19141                                




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