Hitachi Double Speed CD-ROM Drive

Hitachi Double Speed CD-ROM Drive

Post by Rod Rickenba » Fri, 15 Apr 1994 05:27:21

Has anyone successfully gotten one of these to work with Linux?  Aparantly, it
uses a proprietary controller - not SCSI, not Mitsumi, or Sony.  Anyone
working on a driver?


  Rod Rickenbach                                Delaware Tech Computer Services


1. CDU33A double Speed CD-ROm drive unit

        Hello.  I am having trouble installing my new CDU33A double
speed CDROM drive .  I have compiled in support for:

        scsi cdrom
        scsi generic
        Sony CDU33A Driver

        Upon bootup, I get a loadup message from the sony driver
but the scsi (drivers?) report 0 cdroms found.  I would appreciate
any hints or help anyone can provide.

        Here is detailed information:

        CDROM interface uses memory address 340H.  No other interupt
or such information is available to me.

        Other connected devices are:

        Sound Blaster IRQ5 DMA1 220H
        ATI Mach 32   COM4 ---- 2E0-2EF
        COM1 (mouse)  IRQ4      3F8-3FF
        COM2 (modem)  IRQ3      2F8-2FF
        LP1(laserjet) IRQ7      378-37F

        When I switch the direction the cdrom interface is connected
the machine refuses to boot up? I am unsure of the correct direction.
No information was provided with adaptor.  


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