CD ejects involuntarily using WorkMan and on linux startup.

CD ejects involuntarily using WorkMan and on linux startup.

Post by Yun Gee K » Mon, 17 Oct 1994 11:46:28

Hello.  I am a new user of linux.
I have successfully installed linux with X-windows.
My question is why does the CD player (I have soundblaster-creative lab's
Panasonic 563 model) keep ejecting everytime I exit the WorkMan?  Also,
when I voluntarily select 'eject' the player will eject, but then within
one second, the tray will pop back in!!  I have no idea what is wrong.
This may help... everytime I shutdown or start up linux, the CD player will
eject.  On startup of linux, the player will eject just before:
                    Going Multiuser...

Can anyone help?  Please email me, and thanks alot in advance.


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I installed "eject" from the ports and found it's not doing its work. My
fstab has this line:

/dev/acd0c              /cdrom          cd9660  ro,noauto       0       0

But when i run "eject /dev/acd0c" it gives me "eject: No such file or
directory". What's wrong?



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