Motherboards, Motherboards ...

Motherboards, Motherboards ...

Post by Chuck Mun » Thu, 02 Dec 1993 09:56:01

Sorry, my news machine has been off the air for the past few days (for
upgrading) so I've missed bits of this thread.  I did receive some
interesting email, though.

I finally decided to  *do*  something about getting a new motherboard,
and after wading through lots of data and a few kind words of advice,
I decided on ...

.. a Tyan VLB 486DX2/66 with the SIS chipset.   No big deal, except
perhaps for the 1 MByte of CPU cache.  It should be interesting to see
if all that cache helps Linux performance.  I got an ATI VLB Ultra to
go with it.

Does anybody have a recommendation for a known-good VLB SCSI card ??

It's too soon to consider PCI and Pentium, what with the processor and
bus wars breaking out all over.  My spare tower case waits for the
shakeout.    :-)

I won't have the time to get the board installed for another couple of
weeks, but if I encounter difficulties, I'll post them.

Thanks to all who responded,



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