XFree86-1.3 (Hercules): text mode not restored after exit???

XFree86-1.3 (Hercules): text mode not restored after exit???

Post by Ralf G. R. Ber » Wed, 15 Dec 1993 02:56:36


a few days ago I installed SLS 1.03 on a colleague's computer. He has only
got a Hercules clone, nevertheless I was able to get X11 running.

One problem I experienced was that once I quit X, the Hercules card isn't
switched into text mode, I think. At least the screen remains black, and
I can't get the console screens to display anything. I tried to switch
to a different virtual console w/ Ctrl-Alt-Fn, but this doesn't help.

The only possibility to get the display working again is to reboot the
machine, but this is very inconvenient.

Can anybody help?



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1. XF86 2.0 Mono/Hercules does not restore text mode on exit

I've built XF_Mono server with HGC (Hercules) support and it seems to
work while in graphic (i.e. X11) mode. Unfortunately it does NOT switch
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The screen remains hopelessly blank. The OS I'm using is Linux, pl.14.

Any ideas?

Michal Szymanski


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