VLB, 16 MB, Cirrus 5428, and 16/24 bit color

VLB, 16 MB, Cirrus 5428, and 16/24 bit color

Post by Eric Williams » Thu, 10 Nov 1994 07:35:52

I have a Cirrus chip 5428 VLB display controller, brandname
unknown, with 2 MB of memory, and XFree86 version 3.1
running on Linux 1.1.54 (with 16 MB memory).

I have read all of the documentation that came with the
X system (it was on Slackware 2.0.2) and appear to be
doing things correctly.  However, every time I have
tried to enable 16-bit mode, the system
first displays weird graphics, then hard-crashes.
I was warned in the documentation that this might happen,
but went ahead anyway :-).  I suspect this is because
my VLB motherboard is slightly chintzy when it comes
to addressing, and maps 0x04e0000 to 0x00e0000,
trashing my main memory and forcing a reboot.

Or maybe it's my card.

Is there a small program that exists somewhere that can
verify this?  Ideally said program would run in DOS mode
(ugh), taking over the machine (like so many DOS programs do :-).
However, it doesn't have to.

Also, does anyone out there have any ideas to try, short
of replacing hardware (which I might do if I have to) to
get 16 or 32 bit to work, or will I just have to pay
for a new video board or new motherboard (or (gag) both)?

Thanks in advance.


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1. YQ¨ How do I get my Cirrus VLB 5428 work on 16/32 bpp color????????

Well I now that's stupid question, but if anyone have done it and will
share his expiarence with me, I will very appreciate it.
Well....I have Cirrus 5428 with 2Mb on it. When I tried to run X on 16
bpp I got "16bpp needs <something> linear addressing". Well after reading
docs, I inserted 'option "linear"' in Screens section in XF86Config.
And...it didn't help....I was still getting this error message...
ANY help/info will be appreciated, please mail me directly.
thanx in advance Sergei


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