Please help with SLIP setup

Please help with SLIP setup

Post by Kevi » Sun, 05 Jun 1994 17:19:38

I am trying to set up SLIP with a local provider.  I have read the
NET-2 stuff.  I started with slackware 1.1 (kernel 0.99pl15).  I
upgraded the kernel to 1.1.18 (with the SLIP/CSLIP support), and got dip337uri.

What happened is that the sample script worked, and I got a prompt
back, but also got the usage message for 'route', and nothing seemed
to work.  I guessed that my current route did not like -net and
thought dip was trying that, so I found a version of route that goes
with DIP.  Now when I try dip (which I start as 'dip startup_script'),
the script completes and then I get this message:
        socket: No such device

I even tried getting MAKEDEV 1.4 (I had 1.2), and ran MAKEDEV net.
Same error.  I really don't know what I am doing wrong.  I suspect a
full reinstall of the new slackware might clear it up, but I would
prefer to avoid that if I can help it.

thanks for any help,
Kevin Mocklin                                    University of Massachusetts



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