xinit: cannot find file ''

1. xinit: cant't find library ''

I'd really appreciate any help with setting up my X.  I've been using Linux
for some time now (not X) while I waited for my new graphics board.  It has
worked allright, no problems.  Some days ago I downloaded X (Slackware, as is
my entire Linux) and installed it.  Installation went fine, no problems there.
Oh, my hardware is a P90/ET4000w32p 2Mb/Samsung SyncMaster 17GL.

Then I was supposed to run ConfigXF86.  Ok, I run it and select the mouse,
baudrate and so on.  Then I was prompted to select the card I was using.
'Generic ET4000', #40, was the closest I could come.  In the monitorlist there
was none that suited me, so I went for 'VESA/Generic'.  The program the showed
me some resolutions that were possible, and I chose 800*600, 1024*768i.
Then the program gave me an opportunity to enter some options.  I left them
untouched, as suggested by the program.  
Now I was ready to tune the modes....  When the X-server was about to start
it just gave and errormessage that it could not find a file int /tmp.  It
then froze and needed to be ctrl-c:ed.  I ran the prog again and skipped the
tuning part and saved the config as default.  
        I changed the settings in XFConfig86 (I may have the name wrong) as I
was instructed to.  No problems here either, I found the values easily in my
monitors manual.
        Now I was ready to run 'startx'!  Hmm, nothing happened except that
I got the message "xinit: can't find library ''".  Then it just
terminated and kicked me out to the normal prompt.

Has anyone had any similar problems?  I'd really like to run X, as it sure
looks good!  I'd appreciate any kind of help!  Please post, so anyone else
can benefit from it!


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