How to recover dos partition after lilo installation mistake?

How to recover dos partition after lilo installation mistake?

Post by John J. Pri » Sat, 10 Sep 1994 00:16:44

I reinstalled lilo a newer version of lilo this morning.  
Apparently I made a (big) mistake is telling it to put lilo on
/dev/hda1.  Now mount complains it can't find a valid MSDOS file
system and it can't be accessed from DOS either.

Is it possible to get out of this mess?

My configuration is:
/dev/hda1: dos
/dev/hda2: linux native
/dev/hda3: linux native (swap)

My /etc/lilo.conf file looked like this:
# LILO configuration created by QuickInst 0.14  Thu Sep 8 09:45:19 EDT 1994
boot = /dev/hda1
delay = 5       # optional, for systems that boot very quickly
vga = normal    # force sane state
ramdisk = 0     # paranoia setting
root = current  # use "current" root
image = /zImage
  label = linux
  append = "aha152x=0x140,11,7,1"
  label = dos

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