Making a Boot Floppy and Fixing the Root File System

Making a Boot Floppy and Fixing the Root File System

Post by David Merc » Tue, 14 Jun 1994 11:58:20

Can anybody out there provide me with detailed instructions on how to
make a floppy that I can mount as the root file system.  I guess that I
have to make a boot floppy and boot from it but when I try, I still end
up mounting my harddisk as root.


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1. root disk file system and nfs server from boot/root floppies.

I have a root disk that was created with rawrite.  It is the color.gz
image.  I would like to mount the root disk and make some modifications
to the disk (adding nfs server capability).

I have tried mounting with various file system types and have had no

So, how can I mount it to make these modifications, or the bigger
question, how can I easily add nfs server capability to the basic
boot/root disk combination.

Thanks in advance.


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