Need advice on SCSI-2 VLB to buy

Need advice on SCSI-2 VLB to buy

Post by John Saar » Tue, 17 May 1994 12:30:16

Hello all

My friend wants to install linux on his machine but he has a DTC 27...SCSI
which is not supported by linux, and so has decided rather than going out to
buy a commercial unix it would be cheaper to just buy a new drive. We would
like to know if anyone has advice on a SCSI-2 VLB which is well supported by
linux. I did check the SCSI-HOWTO and this group and only found one other


1. What SCSI-2 VLB controller, disk, tape to buy?


I currently have a Gateway2000 with VLB and 486DX2-66 and 1 420MB IDE disk.
Jan 1994 vintage.

I am considering getting a VLB SCSI-2 disk controller, 1 to 2 GB disk and
probably a 4GB DAT tape drive.  I currently run MS-DOS(+Windows) and Linux
on this machine.  I only need access to these new devices under Linux.
I would like to know about your recommendations, expierences, knowledge
of supported hardware (the Hardware-HOWTO I just looked at has not changed
in over a year).

After reading the comp.periphs.scsi FAQ (the copy I say was also a year old)
it seems that for SCSI-2 cabling is all important; that differential cables
with active termintators would provide the best change of on errors.  Is this
correct?  Do any devices support this cabling stratagy?  The FAQ also said
that recent Adaptec controllers 1742C (ISA) and 2842 (VESA) are very
suseptable to cabling problems and that BusLogic controllers are better.
Any relevant expierences please?

Do any devices do Fast SCSI (Synchronous transfers >= 5MByte per second)?
Can VESA and a 486DX2-66 with Linux's buffer cache even cope with this?

N.B.    All this hardware is to go in a tower.
        I live in the U.K. so U.S. suppilers MAY no the cost effective
        with transAtlantic shipping costs.

Please respond by e-mail as I can't always follow
Thanks in advance.

Defn. in Life:  The Universe's attempt to as why.

list of
recommendtaions, expierences.
Mike Fleetwood

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