Telnetd error: ttloop: peer died: No such file or directory

Telnetd error: ttloop: peer died: No such file or directory

Post by Dan McGui » Wed, 17 Aug 1994 11:27:51

I have a Linux box running kernel 1.0.9 that often gets the following
error on an incoming telnet:

telnetd: ttloop: peer died: No such file or directory

When this happens, the person trying to telnet in will see a connect but
will never get a login prompt.

I also have all kinds of problems telnetting from my 1.1.44 box connected
with PPP to these 1.0.9 boxes (on the Internet via ethernet/frame
relay).  If I type very slowly, it's OK, but as soon as I hit two
characters at approximately the same time the telnet will freeze up.

Is anyone familiar with either of these problems?  Will upgrading to a 1.1
kernel help?

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1. telnetd: ttloop: peer died

Seems the same message still logging all day ...and I have already installed
check_ps but it reports nothing. Anyone got an idea of how I go about this?


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