Linux and Colorado Trakker Tape?

Linux and Colorado Trakker Tape?

Post by David Smi » Sun, 26 Sep 1993 11:45:14

Can someone out there tell me about the feasibility of writing a
tape backup driver for Linux for the Colorado portable 250 meg
backup drives?  They somehow use the parallel port for the transfers,
and the tapes are standard QIC-80 format I believe.

If one exists already (not likely) can someone tell me where do get it?


Dave Smith


1. Colorado (HP) Trakker Tape Drives with Linux

I have a Colorado Trakker 250mb tape drive with a parallel port interface.
I haven't seen Linux drivers for it since I got it several years ago, but I
thought that some might have evolved since I last checked.  Anyone have any
experience with such a device under Linux?

Tobin Fricke

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