HELP I lost my dos f: partition

HELP I lost my dos f: partition

Post by Darrick J. Hartm » Thu, 15 Dec 1994 02:55:34

Please bear with me as an over anxious type of person...

I "accidentally" made my f: partion (/dev/hda7) unaccessable from dos or
linux.  os/2 can access it, but nothing else can see it.

DOS claims that it is an unreadable data?? type.
linux claims that the partion is busy.

I was trying to set up a swapfile that shared the windows swap file.
In the process I believe that I typed:

mkswap -c /dev/hda7 ....

How can I fix this without repartitioning?



1. help - lost dos partitions while installing linux

befor i started i had:
win95 on the first primary partition,boot manager, and 250M free space
before an extended partition
on the extended partition i had a linux swap partition and ~1gig slackware
linux; another 1gig free space; 3 dos partitions; 2 hpfs partitions;1 more
dos partition; and another 500M free space

during suse install i deleted the 2 linux partitions, then the install
prog. asked if it should install on the 2 gig of free space, i say yes,
the install program attempts to create a swap and root partition and then
reports a mke2fs error. after this my dos and os2 partitions are gone.
anyone know if i can recover these? since i don't think they were
formatted can i create partitions exactly where they used to be and be
able to recover the data?

thanks for any help

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