SHADOW passwords & Slackware

SHADOW passwords & Slackware

Post by Karl Keyte, ESOC Darmstad » Tue, 08 Mar 1994 20:57:10

Has anyone successfully installed shadow passwords onto a
Slackware installation?  I have Slackware 1.1.2 installed
and, much as I like the general system, I do not like the
version of login without login.defs, etc.  I'd like to
install the shadow password suite (3.3.1 is the latest I
think) but would like to know if there's anything I have
to be ESPECIALLY careful about.  :-|

Help appreciated.


1. Slackware & Shadow Passwords ?

I posted this before but it didn't show up ever, so I will ask again.
I recently switched over from SLS to the Slackware Linux distribution,
v. 1.2.0 and was wondering if Slackware comes stock with shadow passwords
or not. I don't see any library man pages for shadow routines nor can I
find any password file shadowing. I may be just looking in the wrong places.
I really would like shadow passwords. I just want to know whether I have
them or not with the stock Slackware distribution. If not where and how
can I go about getting them for my system ? Thanks.

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