Need help from the WISE

Need help from the WISE

Post by Michael Ganl » Wed, 01 Mar 1995 23:58:26

I am planning to try and create my first Linux Device
Driver!!  It is going to be for a Touch Screen which
emulates a mouse through a serial port...

HOWEVER - I am new to this, and it will surely take me
a long time.  I need information from wise Linux people
on how I should best tackle this project...PLEASE...

Any helpful advice, book titles, HOWTO's, or anything, would
be extremely helpful....



1. Need wise expert advice

Thanks for reading my post. I will not bother you with all the details of
what for and why, but I will need to describe my position to make my
question worthwile.

I have a commercial background and have still very little experience, mostly
in logistics and marketing. However I met some companies in a Employement -
Forum and were all looking for IT consultants. Information Technology is a
broad subject but in few words it could be very interesting to work in it.
However companies require more than an interest in computers, like mine,
they require programming experience. OH yeah? Well I 've said to myself why
shouldn't I try? Learn some stuff... Could be cool?

So my question will have to resume all the unknown of programming. I would
like to make myself a experience in Unix to be able to deal when everybody
will use Linux. At least that's the only reason I could give, because I
don't know about other languages and what they are for...

So, could you give me a simplistic view of the programming languages
"market" (what purpose and environnement) and may be an advice of what I
could try to learn first?



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