Need Help To remove Linux Urgently

Need Help To remove Linux Urgently

Post by Craig Webst » Thu, 29 Dec 1994 23:32:39

Hi all,
         I finally went ahead and installed Linux. Now I need the partiton
back for a while. I have installed linux in a extended Dos partition that
already had a logical drive assigned.

Basically I have

C: Primary 120MB
Extended Dos 220MB --  D: Dos 120MB
                    \  Linux Partition 80MB
                    \ Linux Partition 9MB Swap

Fdisk for Dos will not remove the partition because it the extra space in the
extended dos partition is assigned to linux (maybe)

When I try and fdisk in Linux booting from a floppy and loading the root from
floppy the partitions remain.

If I boot normally into linux using lilo I still cant get rid of the
partitions as they are being used.

Please Email any responses and post here as well. I am really desperate to
get my hard drive space back as I need it ( for the moment anyway).

Kind regards,

Craig Webster.          


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