WP Office Products on Linux?

WP Office Products on Linux?

Post by Russell Rag » Sat, 16 Jul 1994 00:06:23

Well, WordPerfect/Novell have announced that they will be supporting seven
flavors of Unix for both client and server roles for WP Office 4.1, also known
as Symmetry 4.1, also known as GroupWise 4.1.  I'm told they are ready to ship
a Motif version to run on SVR4 for Intel platforms with reference platforms of
NCR & Novewell Unixware.  They are also planning a character-based client
(Telnet potential) for release in 3 months for SVR4.  Knowning very little
about Linux, my question is what is the likelihood that SVR4 applications will
run under Linux?
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I started with WP5.1 for DOS.  I agree with those who assert it was the
best word processor ever.  WP 5.2 for Win 3.1 was very unstable.  WP 7.0
for Linux was marginally stable, and very buggy.  I also bought
Applixware 3.5 or so for Linux, which has always been stable, but is too
weak on features to use for a job I need to do now.  (Actually I could
have probably done the job with Applix's limited features in the time I
wasted battling with Star Office's bugs.)

Now I have tried Star Office 5.2 for Linux, and it is so unstable and is
such a struggle to get it to print, that I have given up on it.
Featurewise it is quite good.  Interface is a bit disorganized and
complex, but the problem is the crashes and some serious printing bugs I
have posted in another thread.  If these problems are the fault of my
Linux distro, and not Star Office, I'd like to work that all out
sometime, but I don't have time for that now.

I am now considering three alternative office packages for Linux:
Applixware 5.0, Corel WordPerfect Office 2000, and Hancom Office 1.2.

Hancom is probably not very well developed yet, but I will probably try
the eval.  I have been disappointed by stability and bugs in WordPerfect
in the past, but it may be worth while now.  Applixware has never let me
down, but there isn't an eval for the new version.  It isn't very
expensive.  Perhaps I will just buy it.

Any comments appreciated.
Christopher R. Carlen
Sr. Laser/Optical Tech.
Sandia National Labs

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