building19.30 under linux (ELF)

building19.30 under linux (ELF)

Post by Wyllys Ingerso » Thu, 25 Jan 1996 04:00:00

Never mind.  I figured it out.  Among other things,
I need to find X11-ELF format libraries and binaries.


> I'm having trouble building 19.30 under linux 1.2.8
> I'm running kernel 1.2.8, gcc 2.7.0 (ELF) with
> all the ELF libraries etc,  installed.  But
> it bombs at the end with lots of undefined references.

> I built it with no problems with the older, non-ELF gcc
> compiler (2.6.something).

> Can 19.30 be rebuilt successfully in ELF format?

> Do I need to get ELF libraries for X11, termcap, and
> curses?? If so where? - I tried sunsite, but maybe I just
> didn't look in the right place or something.


Wyllys Ingersoll                      Interlock Developer

Reston, VA


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Please, if anyone has had this error, and know of an easy way to fix it, please

What happened is this, I downloaded the doslinux setup files, uncompressed them
ok, and went to run the linux.bat file to load the system.

The linux.bat files invokes the loadlin.exe utility.
everything loads fine, and there are several screens that whiz past during the
bootup process.  the very last thing it does after mounting root is display the

        Unable to open an initial console.

and stops at that point.  I don't think the computer is locked up, just that
the boot-up process stops.  the only recovery is to cold boot, since obvously
it is not seeing the console to take any input.

If there is an easy / quick remedy for this problem, I would be eternally
gratefull.  Hell, I'm not going to lie, I will be gratefull, but it won't be
for eternity :)

Thanks for your time, and any assistance any of you might be.

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