XFree 2.1 doesn't find Mach-32 ATI GUP (VLB 2MB)

XFree 2.1 doesn't find Mach-32 ATI GUP (VLB 2MB)

Post by Ulrich Selln » Thu, 31 Mar 1994 17:08:48

Quote:>If I ran: 'X -probeonly' with XFree 2.0 it worked fine.  With
>2.1 it announces that it's the server configured for the Mach-32
>and then exits saying:
>  *** None of the configured devices detected ***

You'll have to disable the cache for the segment beginning at 0xC000
in your chipset setup. For me, this worked fine and I got the
Mach32-Server running on my ATI Ultra+.



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  It always report 640*480 resolution even I'm in 1024 mode.

  Any fix?


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