SCSI HD>1gig, need Extended BIOS Translation?

SCSI HD>1gig, need Extended BIOS Translation?

Post by Jack Y. Dua » Wed, 12 Oct 1994 02:06:01


I have a question regarding a 1gig SCSI Hard drive.  It is 1050mb formatted.
I am going to use it for both Linux and Dos.  I also have a Adaptac 1542CF
SCSI card.  My question is:  

1.) do I have to enable the Extended BIOS Translation support for > 1gig
drive?  (which can be enabled using the SCSI on-board BIOS)

2.) I will partion about 400mb for DOS...(everything else will be for
    the Linux...yah!!! :-) do I still have to enable the
    above-mentioned option...DOS will not see my HD if that option is
    is not enabled even though I only give 400mb to DOS? Is that true?

Thanks a lot in advance!


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1. AHA1542CF, 2GB HD and Extended Translation in BIOS???

Hi All!

I've got a situation....  I've got a 2.2GB SCSI disk running off a
1542CF.  There are 4 partitions:

1- Win95 (~1GB)
2-DOS (~500MB)
3-Linux Swap (~50MB)
4-Linux Native (~550MB)

For DOS/Win95 to recognize the entire drive, I enabled the Extended
BIOS support on the 1542CF.  Linux's FDISK was able to create the 2
partitions (though it notes some "warnings").  When I re-boot, the
1542's BIOS gives me a warning about potential disk corruption- the
Win95 and DOS partitions seem to be fine.

Is this going to be a problem for Linux?  Can I just ignore the error
message?  Or is there a work around to this, to remove the errors?  Of
course in a perfect world I could just make the drive Linux only, but
unforetuneately that isn't realistic in my situation.


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