Some uid's simply stopped working

Some uid's simply stopped working

Post by Andre U Mano » Wed, 10 Aug 1994 09:59:05

        Hello, all.

        I ran into a funny problem in here, although it has caused me a lot
of work and head ache. Some users reported that they could not login by
telnet'ing anymore. Ftp and su worked fine. I so conclude that this is a
login problem. The funnies of it is that it didn't work when I changed
passwords. It kept not working. I then tried many different things,
even deleting the user and recreating later. Well, whenever I recreated him
with a different uid, it worked. If I used the same uid, it didn't. Note
that I had already deleted his home directory.

        If I just changed the uid of the user, he could login again.

        Another interesting thing is that the users where logging in with no
problems. One user even reported that he was using one machine, but
could not make a second connection to it, because it stopped working

        The message it was giving me was 'Invalid login'. I use shadow
(don't know what version) login is an old version, vulnerable to rlogin
atacks (that is, if I hadn't put a script protecting it..). I initialy
installed Slackware 1.1.

        Any help will be apreciated.

                        Thanks in advance


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